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We are imprinting our footprints on Africa’s civic-tech space one country at a time. BudgIT has expanded to five countries – Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, United States and Sierra Leone

Browse through a huge variety of Infographics aimed at simplifying the Nigerian budget.

The Nigerian government spends a lot of money every year. In fact, the country’s budget is one of the biggest in Africa. But where does all that money go?

Our infographics break down the nation’s budget and show you where every Naira/Dollar is spent. From defence to education to where the money for healthcare comes from, these infographics provide an essential guide to the country’s finances and a clearer picture of how the government allocates its money.

BudgIT publishes in-depth reports, and analyses, across 6 African countries, making it accessible to the general public to aid participatory governance.

Budgit provides in-depth financial reports on country budgets helping citizens understand where their country’s money is being spent and where improvements could be made.  These reports provide valuable insights into the country’s economy and how it is performing relative to other nations.

Focus Areas

We do not just provide simplified access to the budget using creative tools; we also monitor projects to ensure efficient service delivery, advocate for effective fiscal and resource governance and provide support for CSOs and government institutions.

Our programs

We facilitate civic engagement, budget reforms and effective service delivery using key programs at the national and subnational levels of government.

A springboard of tools that make it easy to track the implementation of BHCPF and monitor PHCs across Nigeria.
CTAP is focused on COVID-19 fund transparency, vaccine advocacy, health accountability & strengthening local leadership in health systems
We are leading the coalition of CSOs working to reform Nigeria's governance.
Not every time Federal Government; ask your Local Government Chairman too.

Our partners

Our incredible achievements within the civic-tech space have been possible with support from phenomenal partners