Where We Work

We are imprinting our footprints on Africa’s civic-tech space one country at a time. BudgIT has expanded to five countries – Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, the United States and Sierra Leone


Our philosophy is to empower citizens to own public information, primarily (financial information), and track public investments in the budget and advocate for transparency and accountability in management and promotion of good governance. ...

United States

BudgIT opened its United States office in 2022. It currently coordinates our international expansion work in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Our work is to build a resource hub that provides insight into fiscal management at various leve ...

Sierra Leone

Since September 2020, we have reached 830,000 citizens, including over 50 civil society organizations. We have also conducted awareness programs, engaged over 20 communities, and supported two governments institutions ...


As a pioneer in the field of social advocacy melded with technology, BudgIT uses an array of tech tools to simplify government budgets and matters of public spending for citizens, to raise the standard of transparency and accountability. ...


Since we began in September 2020, we have reached over 503,000 Liberians through online and offline engagements, including over 40 civic society organizations in Liberia. We have also conducted awareness programs, engaged over eight communi ...


We drive citizen participation in governance and promote development through efficient service delivery. Since 2019, we have reached over 350,000 Ghanaians, 80 civic society organizations, engaged over eight different communities and suppor ...