Since its establishment in 2022, BudgIT Senegal has operated as a registered civic organization in Senegal, utilizing technology to foster citizen engagement and institutional enhancement, thereby facilitating societal transformation. Since then, BudgIT Senegal has employed innovative technology to bridge the communication divide between Senegalese citizens and the national budget, while also monitoring the utilization of 10 billion FCFA designated as COVID-19 relief funds.

In 2023, BudgIT Senegal launched the Youth Budget Club to cultivate youth interest in national budgeting and public affairs, garnering 123 members from 5 universities and training institutions thus far. The organization has engaged with 700,000 citizens and enhanced the capacities of 9 communities across Senegal. Furthermore, BudgIT Senegal has provided support to 4 institutions and 30 healthcare professionals. Additionally, BudgIT collaborates with 14 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to advocate for accountability within the healthcare sector in Senegal.

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What we do

Our philosophy is to empower citizens to own public information, primarily (financial information), and track public investments in the budget and advocate for transparency and accountability in management and promotion of good governance.

Focus Areas

We do not just provide simplified access to the budget using creative tools; we also monitor projects to ensure efficient service delivery, advocate for effective fiscal and resource governance and provide support for CSOs and government institutions.

What’s New in BudgIT Senegal

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