BudgIT-Liberia Holds One Day Stakeholder’s Meeting: Enhancing Accountability and Promoting Citizen’s Oversight on Budget Implementation


BudgIT-Liberia Under her Budget Access Project Phase I implementation brought together over twenty (20) active civil society organizations to participate in a one day town hall meeting about the 2022 approved national budget. The country’s national financial instrument has over the years been crafted in with a volume of over 500 to 600 pages making it difficult for people to understand and understand the budget line by line and columns.

Explaining the overview of the project, Mr. Abraham Varney who is the country representative of BudgIT-Liberia said, the project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to educate people about the national budget. At the start of the one day town hall meeting which was held at Passion Hotel, participants were asked about their understanding of the national budget and their political or civil engagements with their leaders. The intent of the meeting was to enlighten citizens about how funds are generated and expanded of which most of the money goes to recurrent expenditure that overweighs Public Sector Investment Plans (PSIP).

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BudgIT Liberia

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