Our vision and mission


To be the leading public data organisation focused on raising active citizens and civic leaders to improve governance by bridging the information gap between the government and citizens.


To use creative technology to simplify public information, create digital civic tech products and tell a compelling story that spurs action from both the governed and the government;

To stimulate a community of active citizens, demand accountability, institutional reforms, efficient service delivery and equitable society;

To build a strong partnership with public institutions to support and facilitate quality service delivery for the citizens;

To be a link between the public and private sectors through reliable public finance analysis and advisory services.

Core Values


We pride ourselves as a grassroots organization through our program, Tracka, and have a close interaction with our target audience and stakeholders.


Our people are willing to share and collaborate with others, listen to others’ viewpoints objectively and are open to feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors without resentment


We believe in the fairness and integrity of colleagues and the organization.


We produce new ideas and approaches; practice “boundarylessness”; and are always looking out for novel ways of doing things without compromising brand essence and equity.

Personal Accountability

We take ownership of tasks; set high standards for quality of work; consistently work in a systematic way that keeps us focused on the satisfaction and needs of internal and external stakeholders.