BudgIT Liberia partners with the Legislative Budget Office to launch Website


BudgIT Liberia developed a website for the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) to enhance budget transparency and provide institutional support to the government. A legislative act established the Legislative Budget Office on September 17, 2010, and its operations began in May 2011. The bicameral body is the Legislature’s nonpartisan professional technical arm. Its primary responsibility is to provide objective, impartial, and expert budget analyses.

BudgIT Liberia team and the country director for the BudgIT Foundation, Mr. Gabriel Okeowo, first met with a team from the Legislative BudgIT Office (LBO) to better understand the LBO’s operations as they related to the institution’s enumerated functions in December 2020. After the meeting, the two groups identified obstacles and opportunities and entered into a partnership agreement to address them.

The director of the Legislative Budget Office (LBO), the Honorable Moses T. Cooper, outlined several obstacles the institution faced, including the absence of a functional website to display public information or data about the national budgeting process. Due to the low cost of operations, he (Hon. Moses T. Cooper) requested BudgIT Liberia’s assistance in developing a functional website for their office to upload information and data about the national budget for public consumption.

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